Writing for the Easily Distracted

For the last twenty years I have dreamed about being a writer. For the last fifteen I have actually been writing. For the last ten I have been gradually putting my toe in the waters of the reality of trying to become a writer – joining writing groups, attending courses, attending events and getting to know other writers. For the last five years I have been running a small online writing group which has gradually dwindled in number but formed into a group of solid writers most of whom are now published. For the last four years I have really been a writer.

It’s been a long journey – one that I had no idea would be so long.  Indeed, it could probably have been a lot shorter if I had a)not been working full-time for much of it b) not had at least one pre-school child in the house for  the last fifteen years c) realised just how much skill there was in creating any kind of written work (I might never have started if I had realised this in the beginning) and d) been easily distracted with various ‘things’ that crop up during the writing process. This includes – but is not limited to – research, social net-working, more research, memes, just a little bit more research and discovering just exactly which brand of tea/coffee/hot chocolate is the most conducive to your writing style!

Although if I have learned anything it that the journey never ends. There are always new stories to tell, new ways of telling them and new genres to try. Never say never. It’s important. therefore, in an endeavour characterised by regular rejection more than regular success to make sure you reward yourself for both the little and the big successes.

I look forward to sharing some of what I have learned and continue to learn with you.

Mairibeth MacMillan